Garden Etiquette

Please observe the Hwadam Botanic Garden etiquette for a pleasant viewing experience for all customers and the protection of wildlife.

Check the brought-in items

Paid storage lockers are located in front of the entrance for temporarily storing prohibited items.

Alcoholic beverages, picnic blankets/mats, tents, sun shelters, cooking utensils, agricultural tools, tripods, balls, kick/electric scooters, drones, and other items that may cause inconvenience to other customers

No Pets

With the exception of guide dogs for the visually impaired, Hwadam Botanic Garden does not allow pets to enter.

Harvesting and destroying plants is prohibited

Plants are growing in the flower bed. Please enjoy it only with your eyes and mind.
Illegal harvesting can result in a fine of up to 7 years or KRW 20 million in accordance with Article 73 of the Forestry Act.

No Outside Food

Food and beverages other than beverages and snacks are not allowed.
Please use the dining area or locker.

A Clean, Waste-Free Hwadam Botanic Garden

Please take your garbage/waste/rubbish with you when you leave Hwadam Botanic Garden.

No Smoking and Drinking

Please refrain from smoking and drinking for the safety of customers and the protection of animals and plants.

Handicap/stroller parking area

Please be considerate of parking spaces for people with disabilities/strollers.